XL 125 rebuild break-in?

Just finished restoring my high school bike, 1975 Honda XL 125. Complete tear down, including engine. It has a new piston & rings,new clutch pack, new primary gear, new points, new timing chain, and all new seals & gaskets. What procedure should I follow to break-in the engine properly. I've seen conflicting ways to do it. Thanks.

Start it up and let it warm up for a few minutes till it will run clean and idle off choke.

Take it for a short ride maybe 30-40 miles,good if is a mix of town streets and country rds.

It is now broken in

Not a big fan of the modern 'give it heaps' method for old-school engines. Had a couple nip a little.

 Just let it warm up at 2000rpm for a minute and ride it without labouring or revving for an hour or two.

Change oil/check everything,  and pretty much thats it.

Magnetic sump bung a good idea so ring and bore dust doesn't bugger the oil pump.

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