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1990 XR200R tilting from L to R increases & decreases idle.

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Guy's, After cleaning carb. When running at idle I'm getting a surge. I can lean the bike to the right & the idle decreases. Leaned left it increases. This is after cleaning the carb. Throttle is not binding, cable is routed properly, slide is in properly, no timing issues, no valve issues, filter is clean, fuel is new, spark is good, it runs good, plug is a touch on the rich side. My thought is float level off? See a video of this phenomenon at https://youtu.be/K9p4UFtbA4o


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Like, if its not there?
Regardless what it causes, if its not there Is return it. Slosh baffles on a dirt bike are obviously a must to.
It would have to be gone. Even cracked and next to nothing it would do its job. It would have to be gone.
Have you serviced your carb recently? Was there a slosh baffle?
Chances are its still there unless you fill your carb with BBs before you ride.
But you're going to be in there to at the least MEAsure the float height.
But I think that's the issue. Slosh baffle just makes sense to you cause you're thinking about leaning/tilting. But gravitational force on a plastic bubble floating is the issue. This plastic has a level. Its apparently 12.5mm

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Oh it's in there. Just didn't know if it's position could change in relation to float height. I guess the baffle is only doing its thing while riding anyway. I'll post up after Saturday. Maybe it will help someone else that has this happen. 

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My first inclination is the idle is set to low, try turning it up a bit at least another 100 to 200 rpm's,

then try the side to side motion, I also hear it misfire a bit, so perhaps a bit to lean or rich, I am 

leaning towards to lean. At that idle, I mess with the fuel screw until I can achieve maximum rpm,

then I turn it up to an idle I feel comfortable with, that when I wack the throttle it doesn't hesitate and

it returns back to normal rpm's almost immediately, w/o any run on idle. 

IMHO, I believe your idle is to low and potentially your fuel screw setting are off. If you turn the idle

up after retuning the carb and you still have the same problems, I would think that either your pilot, or

(idle jet same thing as a pilot jet) is plugged up a bit, or you need to redo the float again. 

That's my take. 

Thanks for posting the video, it helps a lot. 




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