XT 550 engine noise / rebuild???

Found a nice 83 XT 550  2 owner today. 8K miles Great condition with a box of NOS spares included but the engine has a piston slap/wrist pin kinda noise in it. Noise is low on the cylinder slightly louder when fully warmed up.  Any one here have any insight on rebuilding one of these hard to find parts for engines? Suggestions?


Bob V



Which parts are you referring to ?

Need to find out what is causing the noise first

There's a good amount of spare parts available (cmsnl.com, dealer, ebay, etc.), but as always not everything. So it depends on what you need. Tear it down, check everything, and see whats needed.

I am interested in the engine noise, post a video so we can listen!

I have located another bike with no title that has only 5K miles on it...Will try to purchase that bike and will use it to repair the knocking motor cycle.

Will keep you all posted ... thanks!

Bob V

These motors are easy to rebuild , several piston kits , valve options ect. .. Biggest thing to learn is that most of the motor is the same as the next models , XT600's . While the head has only 2 valves , and the 600's have 4 , they can be bolted right up to the 550 cylinder , but is best done with the 600 cylinder as well ,up to '86 model , '87-'89 they added a bolt on the end of cam chain tunnel and the 2 main stud pattern got wider so the whole topend must be used then . There is a nut on the right side of the crank that is known to come loose and it will make a knocking sound , that's the first place I'd look and if loose check the key behind it for being damaged .  

If a person wanted to you can bore the cylinder out to the 95mm and use a 600 piston kit which has a ton of options. Or if you find a good 600 motor it'll bolt right in and be good to go . Frames are entirely different and I wish Yamaha kept the oil reseravoir in the frame instead of that bulky thing hanging below the seat on the left side.

There is a bunch of other things that can be swapped over , some with minor mods , other requiring more 600 parts to go with .


the 550 has 4 valves just like to 600,s (not 2)

Ya, your right , I was picturing the 500 head . The 550 was changed to the 4 valve setup.




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    • By Wabbit16
      For any of you guys having trouble with the YDIS system, post it all here.
      Here's the Dutch Wikipedia entry for the YDIS (Yamaha Dual/Duo Intake System)
      Dit is een carburatiesysteem met dubbele carburateurs op Yamaha-ééncilinder-motorfietsen. Pas vanaf halfgas gaat de tweede constant vacuüm carburateur meewerken, waardoor de motor meer brandbaar mengsel krijgt. In de autotechniek was dit systeem al langer toegepast, bij dubbele- of dubbelwerkende carburateurs en tweetrapscarburateurs. Voor motorfietsen was de primeur op de Yamaha XT 550 in 1981. Wanneer er puur aanspraak wordt gemaakt op het gasschuif deel kunnen zeer lage verbruiken gehaald worden. Dit gasschuif deel is vooral bedoeld vanwege de gunstige wervelingen wat de cilindervulling bij lage toeren ten goede komt en de motor beter doet oppakken.
      I guess being South African has its advantages, so I quickly translated it:
      The YDIS is a carburettor system with double carburettors on Yamaha single cylinder motorbikes. From half throttle, the secondary constant-vacuum carburettor opens up, which allows more fuel to reach the engine. In the automotive industry, this system was used long before it was implemented in motorbikes, with double or dual-stage carburettors. Its debut was on the Yamaha XT 550, released in 1981. Yamaha has claimed that this system reduces fuel consumption at low RPM's, while still providing good performance at higher RPM's. The intended purpose for this system was to provide the engine with better response at low engine speeds, providing a smoother engine pickup.
      Getting two carbs to synchronize correctly can be a PITA, but once you get it set up correctly, it GOES!!
    • By bwAnderson
      I just picked up a 1983 XT550 and plan on going through and cleaning it up over the winter. starts and runs great... until about 4000 RPM the engine cuts off. It seems like it is losing fuel. I pulled the carb (YDIS Y26PV dual carb - which I've heard can be a mess) and cleaned it up. There was a little debris in the bowl and the needle jet in the primary carb had a bit of gunk on it. I noticed that the main jet [what I believe is the main jet - short, stubby one in first photo] does not have any type of hole in it. I soaked it over night in carb cleaner and still no hole, doesn't look like there ever was one. Is this normal? 
      The pictures below show the 3 jets and what the corresponding ports they came out of are. I have been unable to find any good info on the jets for these. Any help is appreciated. 



    • By dha7529
      Hey everyone,
      So I just recently took on a project with an xt550 and I love the bike but am having a very difficult time with the wiring. I bought this bike and none of the lights worked unless I disconnected the connector from the turn/headlights/horn switch on the left side handlebar. The owners before didn't bother to secure the battery and so when I was driving it home the battery fell out and a terminal broke. I wish I would have seen that but too late now. So I put a gel battery in and the headlights, instrument panel, turn signals, and taillight wouldn't turn on. I noticed that it would have a dim light when I would kickstart the bike but it would soon disappear too.
      I have a diagram of the wiring and I took apart every single wiring apart to make sure all of the ground wire was connected and properly grounded. The previous owner basically cut the wires to a bunch of the lights and so I replaced every part except the kickstand safety switch and just connected it to the ground wire to always allow it to turn on. I put everything back together again and still no power to the headlights and the lights don't even dim slightly anymore.
      My bike starts and runs perfectly mechanically but the electrical just won't turn on. I am trying to troubleshoot any possible problem and wanted to know if anyone has an idea why I am having this problem. Could it be a bad cdi, stator (I took it out and checked the coils and they look good), regulator rectifier, fuse switch (the button hasn't popped out yet), or is it something super simple like the flasher relay? I don't really understand electrical but I can't find a culprit to my lights not running at all.
      Thanks to any who can help with this!