Dang previous owner

Is there a cut-off point when you have to stop blaming stuff on the PO?

Depends on what it is, and if you truly are to blame for it or not

Nope. Anything that they did wrong is their fault. Been lucky to buy used from people who did almost everything right. You can tell every time you pull something apart whether the PO knew what they were doing or not.

Unless your the one that kept turning that cross-threaded bolt by brute force or replaced the constantly blowing fuse with a solid wire or nail , blame the PO .




As soon as you take possession, either you didn't check it over good enough before purchase, or you paid too much and expect no problems with a used machine.

Used is used, there will always be repairs and problems, if you got a great deal then expect the money saved to go into repairs.  If you paid too much thinking it was cherry that's not he PO's fault.


2 hours ago, 1hp said:

Is there a cut-off point when you have to stop blaming stuff on the PO?

Lol Nope. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

this post totally not serious. wish i could blame the po for misunderstanding the directions for

spoke torque wrench and gooning up wheels on my S. trying to un-f that now.


trying to un-f that now

Good luck with that bro - voodoo!

14 hours ago, 1hp said:

found a web site that explains it so mortals can grasp it.


really it is pretty interesting and almost fun.

Thanks for that link. :thumbsup:

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