Curious about maintenance schedule - 2018 KTM 250xc

So I've been trying to get a baseline idea of the maintenance schedule for my new bike. Mainly with the top end. Obviously I've read through manual, and I think it's a bit overkill on how often to do everything. About how many hours would you guys wait to check the piston/top end? Bike currently has 33 hours on it. I've been told around 60hrs is a good point to take a look at it. Thoughts?

Mines at 55, won't take a look, will just do a top end prior to race season in may. The last two 250 XCs I've had we're run to 100 hrs prior to first top end. Probably a little long but at 60 hrs I'd just come up with a plan of when it's convenient to do the job. "Taking a look" is a little overrated IMO, at 60hrs it'll still look pretty much brand new assuming you haven't run any dirt etc through it!

The schedule in the manual pretty much coincides with performance, ie the thing ain't gonna blow when you go beyond their recommendations, it'll just start decreasing performance.

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