04 or 05 carb wanted...

Looking for a 04 or 05 CRF250 carb for a project bike... please PM me if you have one you'd like to get rid of. 


I'm the guy on ebay that you asked if I knew for sure that the carb that I have listed is from an 04.

From what I have learned on here and other sites it is but I will let you decide.

I believe that the numbers on the side tell the year based on the letter following the "01" in the number.

A being 04, B being 05, C being 06 and so on.

Maybe someone else on here can confirm this.

Here is a link from another site that shows this.


Where are you located in California?  I am headed to San Diego for the Supercross in two weeks and can bring it with me if you would like.

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