YZ 450 GREY/BLUE wire mods

ok i did the searches and after looking at 50 pages or so and going to the thumper faq site i still don't have the answer. what are the affects of both grey and blue wire mods on a '04 YZ 450? is it as dramatic as to older models? are there factory adjusments made to the '04 that make these mods ineffective or even damaging to my ride?

Also same ? on the TPS mod

The grey wire mod only applies to WR models. The blue wire mod disconnects the neutral safety switch (NSS). The NSS lowers the voltage the CDI puts out to the coil when in neutral, so doing this mod is supposed to make starting easier. The TPS mod just consists of disconnecting and taping up the TPS connector on the carb, and is supposed to remove a dip in the power curve and give you a few more ponies. None of them are going to damage your ride :)

So what is the purpose of the NSS? Do you just unplug the wiring harness and replace the plug at the case with the trick looking billet piece?

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