'17 CRF450 RX starter motor problem

Has anyone had any issues with the starter motor on their machine? I just hear a whine when trying to start it. I'm thinking it's the one way bearing. It had been starting really slowly like a nearly dead battery, so I assumed it was that and replaced the battery, but now it's just spinning as if it's not engaging. It seems a little premature to fail.

The only real way to tell is to pull the cover, hit the button and watch. What kind of oil are you running? I know Ive had issues with the starter sprag  slipping (honda calls it a one way bearing) with "Energy Conserving" oils in my 1100 engine. And 20/50 synthetics too.

So the issue was the two gears circled below are no longer coupled together. They are supposed to be press fit but now spin freely from one another. Seems like an odd design decision to have these press fit like that.

Anyone else having this issue?

My theory why is that it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit out when it first stopped working. It was early in the morning, and even colder overnight so the motor was really cold. I think the extra load to turn over the motor exceeded what that press fit can handle. That antigravity battery is much more powerful than the stock lead acid too, even in cold weather. Started up first kick though, which was the first kick ever in about 150hrs I've ridden the bike.


This is probably of no peace of mind, but the cam drive gear on the crank is pressed on like that too, with no key way. That kicker lever is pretty handy, huh?

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