Glen Helen Rollcall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Who's going to this badass race with the death-defying hills, and scantilly clad pit ho's? This ain't no freaken jumpfest circus where you sit in your seat woofing down a $5.00 hot dog and $8.00 dollar beer and listen to that god awfull Terry Boyd.

No sir, this is not for the weak, it's for the hardcore MX fan and sets the stage for the REAL RACING, the way it was mean't to be.

Anybody camping or racing?

I will be arriving Friday, camping all weekend.

Racing on Saturday, 40+ and 4-stroke, come by and we could trade lies!

Might be staying in Cal for a few days after that, anywhere to ride?

I don't neeeeeeed a pickle, I just waaaaaana ride my motosickle....

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I think I might stop in for a look-see. I live 2 miles north of the track so it's no big deal for me. Good luck out there man. That track SUCKS to ride on. I can't get around it twice without taking a break.

If you like Desert, El Mirage is about 45 minutes drive North. Desert whoops, shale hills, a 7 mile long dry lake, and bathrooms. Spark arrestors and green stickers are required. Depending on where your comin from, You might try Gorman on the way back. It's off the 5 by magic mountain. Really cool trails through the hills, rated for beginners, novice, and expert. Pay parking is enforced and spark arrestors are required. The diomond trails are a real kick in the pants. There is a MX track over there also. I won't be joining you as I am healing up from a broken back but let me know how the race goes.


G, me and Tim and a bunch "zonies" are coming to watch. We'll be ther Sat. so we'll try and find you.

There is NOTHING that compares to REAL MX!!!!! :)


Cool, are you going to bring your bikes, our races are on Sat.?

I'm riding my street bike there with a couple of friends.Trying to get there early to get a good spot on the "DOWNHILL" by the flag pole.One year when i brought the wife and kids,i wasn't able to get off the freeway there was so much traffic-then had to wait for the train to pass! Didn't get in had to turn-around and go home :D:)



The Maico-clan and a bunch of Canyon groupies are heading to Laughlin for the first race of the COP series. There will be a sand track next to the AVI casino on the rivers edge. :)

If you want a great place to ride, California City is high on our list. Looks like about a 2 hour drive from G.H.

California city is a great wide open desert area. Don't forget to ride into town, park the bike next to the bar, and wash the dust outta your throat.

No bikes, just us hanging on the fence talkin bout how we shoulda raced cuz we'd be spankin all these slow ass amateurs. :)

Maybe next year?

When is the AVI race, wasn't planning on staying that long in Cal, besides the race fund is shrinking rapidly!!!!!!

Why don't you come to Glen Helen, now that's a RACE!!!!

Originally posted by F-Pilot:

No bikes, just us hanging on the fence talkin bout how we shoulda raced cuz we'd be spankin all these slow ass amateurs. :D

Maybe next year?

LOL Ain't that the truth, when your racing it seems like your going fast as hell. Then when you actually watch, it's "hell I could SPANK those guys" as you spill beer on yourself!! :)

TRUE! except when the pros hit the track, then I stand there with my jaw on the ground thinking "how is that possible?" :)

Good Luck, hope we get there early enough to cheer you on.

Hey Guys,

Bring your homemade ThumperTalk signs so we can all meet each other. :)

See you all there,



No doubt THAT IS A RACE TO SEE, maybe next year ?

We went to the '97 race and saw a great battle between Henry and Emig, while RC smoked the 125's

Watching the pros gas it down that hill is something I can't forget.

The AVI race is on the 11 th, starting at 4:30 pm.

Hey F-Pilot!! Bring the bike and come ride down here!! I will meet you at some tracks around here.?? :) I just got back from Gilbert, AZ and in 2 weeks I have to go to Tempe, AZ but I want to do some riding. How's the riding in AZ fellas?

Hey steve , I'll keep an eye out for your tt sign,

try to be somewhere on the hill! I should be near the downhill section by the flag.

Leaving at 6am, I'll be the one with the decals on my big shady hat, big Renthal one in the back if it lasts. I'll try to fab up a TT logo or something.

J-bone, no bikes this trip. I may head over there this summer for a race or two.

Riding here is tolerable now. Soon it will be HOT!

Like get up at 3:30am, start the ride by 5am while it's still in the 90's and ride until 8-8:30am, load up, go home, jump in the pool, go back to bed.

I guess you get used to it.

I'd be glad to take you for a ride if you wanna' bring your bike, track or trail, we got both. I work down in the Gilbert/East Mesa area. Send me a e-mail an we can meet up for lunch.

G, how did you do at GH? Thought I would see the race line on here by now...

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