OEM replacement Brake pads or other Company?

Time to change brake pads on my daughters 2017 KX 100. Do you suggest replace with OEM or go with company like Galfer, Renthal, or moto-masters?

Oem .

Go with whichever you like, but I would stay away from the cheap end of aftermarket. EBC used to be some really great aftermarket pads and shoes. Dunlop Pad if they still make them. I had not heard that Galfer made pads. Moto Masters sounds like a cheap one?? Not sure on that one.

I've been using the cheapest aftermarket stuff I can get, under ten bucks a set delivered.  Got them on my KX's, my Yamaha 600, they work fine.  They take a bit to bed in and really bite if your rotors are worn, and the stock pads don't seem to be kind to rotors so yours are probably worn to some extent.

I ride almost all dry conditions.  If you are running through wet, soupy mud your experience may vary.

Edited by turbo dan

I like OEM best but, like turbo dan, I have been running some really cheap organic pads that work really well.

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