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Hello everyone, I just got my 12 yo daughter a 2014 klx 140. This is her first 2 wheeler, but has been on quads starting with a Suzuki 50, then a Honda 90, and now rides a 400ex. The bike is a better fit, and she spent her own money, with some help, to buy it. What a neat little bike! First post here, hopefully my pictures show up! Looking forward to talking with you all!IMG_2919.JPG.73ef79cdf4f45ab99ebb5e276cf634a6.JPG


Nice to see the ladies getting into the sport.

Welcome! Glad to have you! Good to see youth getting into the sport. :ride:

Awesome to see more young women getting into the sport. My daughter has loved riding motorcycles since she was 4. She just moved up to a CRF250X. Make sure to catch the makeup to mud series during the Supercross broadcasts.

Awesome, great to see a kid without a smartphone, also great she spent some of her own cash, great lessons, good job. There is a lot of good advice here and experience, ignore the occasional smart alec, welcome to TT.

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