Background and numbers help.

I looked, I searched, but still confused on the correct background and numbers combo for my age, class, and race discipline. 

52 years young, was a B rider in my day, but now a C by default of being out so long and having to renew my cards  

I'm wanting to order pre made panels with my correct numbers and background for GNCC/Scrambes in California but there is conflicting info on the sites when I look them up   

I see black background with white numbers for my age/class, but also see yellow background with black numbers that include WORCS.

Can anyone be clear as to what I need?  

District 36 is my base,  


A brief search of the gncc site says black plate, white number.

Doesn't define different districts though, but I'm guessing if you stick with the national rules it'll be right.

Talk to the race director and ask them?  They're usually pretty helpful when it comes to that kind of stuff.



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