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ÏSo im in the market for a new bike. I ride a 2001 cr 250 r and it rips. No mechanical issues, I could use a fork rebuild but is a solid bike. Ive been wanting a 450 for awhile, I had a honda 250 4stroke previous to this honda. So to step up I decided to get a 250 2stroke. Now that im comfortable with the snappy power delivery im in the market for more low end and more top end which leaves me wanting a 450 4 stroke. 

 So I put the word out about wating to possibly straight across swap for a 450. I came across a guy with a 04 ktm 450 sx that runs well not perfect. It needs tlc for sure, the gaskets were leaky first off, it was a pain to start. I couldnt get it started, my crf 250 was a little tempermental occasionally but would always start after a couple kicks with out the hot start or decompression. I couldnt for the life of me get it to even fire. Then the older man would hold the decomp. Slow kick it a few times and get it going. Sounded good i noticed him adjusting the idle.

I rode it on pavement it pulled hard but didnt snap the wheel up, is that normal for a 450? Im sure if i were to play with it a little i could figure out the power band and get it to power up but i was expecting it to be pulling the wheel up without trying. 

Im sure its been apart a few times it was supposedly rebuilt. Then sold to the guy i was talking to who swapped out the recluse 4 spd with a 6 speed.

I guess my question is, trading a well maintained '01 2 stroke 250 for a less well maintained '04 450 sx that is mostlikely going to need rebuilt a good move? Im wanting a 450 and i only have 1300$ in my cr so getting a 04 ktm for 1300$ even if i have to spend $700 and have 2000$ in a good 450 ktm thats not bad. 

The cons of the ktm is just leaky gaskets which from my research is semi common, someone spray painted the case covers on both sides and it looks clapped, and it was tempermental to start so it will need a valve job and if im replacing gaskets might as well do a full rebuild and get everything freshend up. 

So im basically getting into a project. Which I dont mind at all just hoping i dont trade reliable for a money pit. Lol 

So any 04 ktm 450 sx rebuild, valve, timing input please. Anyone thats went from a 250 2stroke to 450 4 stroke? I know i will love the power delivery and low torque and top speed. And im ready for it. Just wanting to learn as much as i can about 04 450 sx pros and cons. 

Sorry for blabbering on. I just want need and i am ready for a big thumper i loved my crf 250 but even after opening it up, jetting and upgrading exhaust i was still craving more power, torque, and speed. My cr 250 did the trick for this past season but im ready for more. Im looking forward to building a 450 especially a ktm. So if its not going to set me back thousands im down. 




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