2002 Yz125 Steering Stem Threads

After reassembling the bike after completely taking apart for powder coat, I have found out that the first few threads on the steering stem are messed up. Does anyone know if a dye would fix them? Also, does anybody know the thread pitch for the steering stem?

I would use a thread file.  And since I don't know what the thread pitch is, I would match them on the file.

The service manual for my 2010 YZ125 shows :


-upper bracket and steering stem:  M24 X 1.0

-steering ring nut:                         M28 X 1.0


The upper nut part number isn't the same from a 2002 to a 2010 but it could simply be 

a difference a steel versus an aluminium fastener.


Anyhow if you don't want to chance messing up the threads with a file, just take it to a machine shop.

If they have the proper dye, offer them a coffee and donut, it's like a 20 second job.

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