Will a cracked header harm the engine?


I was woundering if a cracked header will hurt my engine?

I've read that if the exhaust is leaking close to the head, cold air will leak in when you turn off the bike and that it will warp the exhaust valve.

To me it seems like the air that leaks in should warm up and not be a problem.

What do you guys think? And is there any other problem that could occur?imageproxy.php?img=&key=b3312acf975e3c54imageproxy.php?img=&key=b3312acf975e3c54


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Won't hurt it but it will get worse quickly and fail 100%. Have a welder patch it.

It wont harm the engine. 

If it has EFI, it will screw up your O2 readings under certain load/speed conditions.  But it will just start running in open loop and not hurt anything. 


looks like its  time  for a  new  header pipe. IMHO  

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