2004 CR125 Cylinder Bolt Torque Tool

What tool is used to torque down the cylinder bolts located inside of the covers for the RC valve both sides? Got to this point in the rebuild and realized that my torque wrench was not going to be able to get into that space. 


Thanks for any help!


Just tighten by hand with box end wrench till tight👍👍

Torque wrench adapterScreenshot_20180129-125930.png

You can use a torque wrench to box wrench adapter or crows foot. But be careful when using these are they apply a different torque than set on the wrench. You need to set the torque wrench and adapter perpendicular to each other, it will be very close then. Or use an online calculator to work out the applied torque from the given length of the adapter.


I, as a mechanic only use a box wrench and go by feel.



Thank you for responses...have a Motion Pro Adapter on the way. Don't work on machines enough to trust my feel. 

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