RE Shimming..

so my left intake clearance was offspec it was a .003 needing to be a .006 so and the old shim being a .076 so my formula which is A=new shim thickness B=recorded valve clearance C= specified valve clearance D=old shim thickness so A=(B-C)+D so that being said A=(.003-.006)+.076> .003+.076=.079 in inches so this is 2.0066 in MM and closest shim I can buy is a 2.0 MM is this correct?


Service/owners manual have a chart that makes it simpl(er).

Or 1 shim will move .002.
If you are at 003 one size smaller will move up to 005, which will be in spec.

Here is a typical shim chart for a bike. This one mentions exhaust but be sure to substitute you one OEM expected clearance range and not the range discussed on the bottom right side of the image.

shim chart.gif

okay so the bad shim was at .076 inches or 1.9304 mm which put my clearance at .003 inches or .0762mm and my spec is between .005 and .007 so the formula gave me 2.0066 mm and the closet being a 2mm shim which is bigger so it should put me within clearance yes?

Hum. It seems you’re going in the wrong direction. Your valves are getting tighter so you need to go with a smaller shim no?

I didn't go negative Like I needed to .003-.006 is -.003 I left it as positive. 003 it's good got the right shims ordered 

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