What's wrong with my clutch?

Okay so I have an 03 yz125 and it runs great, however sometimes if I try to start it in gear(with the clutch in) it is a little harder to kick over and it jumps forward a bit, even with the clutch all the way in. I don't know if it's normal but it's kind of annoying and I wonder what I should do to fix it or what's wrong with it in the first place.

Perfectly normal for a dirtbike, especially mx to be harder to start while in gear. Some manuals even say to shift transmission into neutral after a spill before trying to start it. As for the lurching forward how far is it? Depending on what terrain I'm in I usually feel a slight movement forward or not at all in deep sand for example if I get cocky and try to kick my bike while in gear. If it lurches a lot it could just need new clutch plates as my old bike a kx250f used to jump a bit if I tried to kick it in gear but after some new fibers and plates it was fine. If you do need a new clutch try rocky mountain atv/mc they have great prices on most items and I've had good luck with them in the past.

I'm presuming you have the correct (6-8 mm at the tip of the lever) free play. Given that is good, I'd suggest having a look at the basket fingers for notching and check the steels to make sure they're not warped.

Your clutch isn’t disengaging all the way when your lever is pulled in. It could it it’s not adjusted right, or your plates are sticking.

With the bike dead in gear with the clutch all the way in try pulling the bike backwards against that same friction and then give it a kick. sometimes that will give you just enough head start with your foot to fire it up. First make sure everything is within service limits of course.

Did you try some fresh transmission oil? That's the second step after checking lever adjustment.

The next step is to pull the clutch pack out (real easy to do) and inspect the plates, fibers and the hub and basket for grooves.

You can file the basket fingers flat a few times, but eventually the fingers get too thin and the fiber plate tabs hammer the fingers and grooves come back soon or things break.


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