2016 KX250f Starting problems

Ok guys I need someone smarter than I to help me figure this out.  I have a 2016 KX250f and starting this thing is like asking for a snow ball fight in hell!!!!  Kicking it over is not the problem, I've read and tried the whole slowly kicking it over 3-4 times finding TDC and then kick is nice and solid.  I have checked the valve clearances and they are all good, new spark plug, tried the whole turning the high idle screw to xxx amount of turns in or out.....NOTHING ! I love KX bikes and have had them most my life but this one is trying my patients.  I've also switched out the green,black and white cuplers to see if this would make a difference and its still sucks to start. Ive hooked up and checked to see if any codes are thrown and they are all good.  I can bump start it pushing it down the road and it runs fine.  after it is warm it will kick over and start if I give it a little throttle when kicking.  Any help on this would be awesome.

If valve clearances are good, I suggest looking at the problem from the fuel delivery side. Perhaps dirty injectors or fuel pump. Also, how many hours on the bike? When was the last time top end done?

Not exactly sure on hrs, had original tires in really good shape so I'm guessing not a lot. Is there something to run through your fuel to clean the injectors?

You shouldn't have to give it any throttle when starting it, warm or cold. I would check those valve clearances before trying to troubleshoot the fuel system.

Valve clearences are on spec , new plug, air filter is clean, getting good spark

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