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02 KTM 65SX Stator Upgrade/Conversion?

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I picked up am 02 65SX that a kid was trying to power lights with and long story short, it needs a stator/rotor. I see trhey changed them in 03 and these Selectra type stators/rotors are harder to come by. I found one online new for $220 at regulatorrectifier.com. Anyone know if it's possible to swap to the later model style? Looks like the connector has more pins and they are the wound 4 pole type. Any info one way or the other would be helpful. Thanks.


Update: I see that the difference is in the type of electronics, CDI is built into the coil on the older selectra setup and the timing is somehow programmed in. The later styles are more what I'm used to working with, stator with a built in pickup coil to sense flywheel position. Mine came with a later style stator and flywheel and it appears the flywheel fits the crank and the three holes on the stator plate do line up with the case. I may buy the later style coil/cdi and harness and see if it will work. It's way cheaper.... Still if anyone knows if it is doable mechanically, chime in.

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