01 Oem Choke plate (should i worry about it)

Hi i have been reading about choke plate issues (spring breaking bottom part of plate braking etc.. and getting sucked into the engine, I seen a post where the guy compares 2 different oem plates one was form a 2002 which looked "revised".  I have a 2001 XR and my plate looks like the revised one what I am asking is will the revised choke plates still break or was it mostly the old style choke plates?


The older cast style can brake, it is not common but happens.  The newer stamped type are better, I have never heard of one braking.

The better, newer type on the left, old type on the right



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Thanks for the visual, I am pretty sure mine is the newer type of choke plate so I wont worry about it breaking, its nice to be able to see the differences including a larger spring. I guess i shouldn't have to worry . I appreciate your help.

Check xrsonly if they have one of their models choke plate for whatever model carb/bike you have.
It doesn't matter if its new. Obviously that puts you ahead of the game. But these break. That's what they do. Consistently. Its-for years- not been able to get away from the "when?" is it going to happen? Get an xrsonly plate and you get confidence.
Whether or not your choke plate comes off, is the same chance of whether or not it effs your motor up or just passes on through.
I don't know what bike you have but check xrsonly. No one wants these stock choke plates.
Sorry. Sad but true. Cheap and easy enough, but let that plate suck in and get to clanging. The result won't be as satisfying as spending $20 at xrsonly

So even the new style plate  breaks are there any examples? $20 dollars for the plate is worth it but paying $40 shipping to Canada  for a tiny plate takes away all of the value. I have an Edelbrock pumper carb I plan on reinstalling as soon as i can source a set of throttle cables for less than $150 bucks so if it breaks before  then I have really bad luck.

The new "plate" itself, being a piece of stamped stainless steel, isn't the problem. The only failures I can remember, which have been very few, is backfire flap spring breaking.

The aftermarket choke plate eliminates the backfire flap all together. It has 2 small oval holes that provide backfire relief. 


 Yea it seems like the main failure is the spring /flapper, I assume if the spring breaks then the backfire flapper is free to flap and vibrate and eventually if it goes unnoticed  the pin can wear or break then bam it sucks  flapper/spring/pin  into the intake and causes havoc in the motor. The newer oem one does look better built with a stronger spring but if i keep the carb installed  i will prob have to invest in the aftermarket non flapper choke plate for piece of mind.

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And be aware, unlike the stock plate, the aftermarket plate doesn't "choke" off the carb intake to the same extent because of the open backfire holes. So it can effect the starting routine, but not significantly enough that your routine is not easily adjusted to compensate.

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