2010 RMZ450 Lighting Problems

Hi, ive read a ton of forums on this subject and from my understanding, you can plug a light directly into the 12v plug behind the number plate, Correct? Well, I had a 25w led plugged into with an on and off switch and when i would turn the light on, then the bike would lose some serious power and bog down whenever i gave it a lot of throttle. I also tried plugging in a 35w light into it with the bike running and the bike instantly shuts off. am i doing something wrong or am i not supposed to plug a light directly in with no battery in between? thanks

never noticed this as it was on the 2nd page.....


im having exactly the same issue as you :( same year bike as well! 

might have a bad stator dude, i just replaced mine and it now runs fine with the light on

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