Oil Filters

Does anyone know of an aftermarket oil filter that will fit a 2017 125 RR-S?  The only one I can find is OEM at $28 each.

I think I have figured it out.  K&N #KN-141 and HiFlo #HF 141 looks to be the one.


5 hours ago, Gflo said:

Does anyone know of an aftermarket oil filter that will fit a 2017 125 RR-S?  The only one I can find is OEM at $28 each.

That is $28 for FOUR filters...........

4 hours ago, Danceswithtrees said:

You're right it doesn't say 4 but I think it is.  Beta USA site has a single filter for $12.99 http://shop.americanbeta.com/p/oil-filter/enduro_rr-rs-rr-s_2016-rr-4-stroke_engine?pp=12

Yea, I saw those, but they don’t fit the 125.  The OEM ones for the 125 appear to be $28.


2 hours ago, THE KRAN said:

Do a google search for HF-141 ,  or ebay.

As previously stated, I think those will work.  From what I understand, the engine in the 125 RR-S is not made by Beta, but sourced by Moto Minarelli, which is owned by Yamaha.  This engine is used by a bunch of companies in Europe, including Yamaha in a few models, one of which is their WR125X.  I saw a picture of that engine and it looks identical to the Beta.  The oil filter for that engine is available in aftermarket by both K&N and HiFlo as #141.  Another interesting thing I found is big bore kits for this bike.  They have a genuine Yamaha big bore kit (150cc) for only $119, and this includes a piston, rings, gaskets, and a ceramic coated cylinder.  Also available are big bore kits in 183cc and 200cc for $165 and $175 respectively, which both include every thing you need, including a new ceramic coated cylinder.  Then there is Beta’s big bore kit using an Athena piston for $699.  Can’t figure out why Beta’s accessories are so expensive.  A quick check shows Acerbis front disc guards for $100 ($44 at RM), Enduro Engineering handguards without shields for $79 ($63 at RM).   And that paint they use on the frames must contain gold.  A two ounce bottle of touch-up frame paint for $40?  That makes their rattle can of frame paint look like a bargain at $40 also.  This is why I am not too surprised to find their OEM oil filter for the 125 RR-S is $28.

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