My $20 YZ headlight appears too bright

I bought this last week with the plan of adapting it to my 250X. I feel having a light in the woods is a good safety item in case you get lost, stranded or have a break down. Also handy when crossing roads, and warning other riders coming down your single track. Anyway, it seems very ruggedly built with an extruded aluminum housing. And when you turn it on full it is unbelievably bright. I suspect a bit too bright on strobe mode.

Cost $25 Cdn on Amazon , which comes out at $20 USD with Battery, charger and light

1500 lumens isn't too bright at all. You're good. Just don't look at it lol



You got that right. Put it on strobe in the kitchen and my daughter almost went into a panic attack. 

Made the seperate mounts for the light... The first two were needlessly difficult to make, third one works nice.





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