Big Air & Rear Brake Tap

If anyone uses the brake tap technique to lower the front end in the air, how do you do it?

Do you just tap the brake or do you have to pull in the clutch and tap the brake to avoid stalling in mid air and eating dirt upon landing?

Any help?

the CORRECT way to do it is, keep a lil rev up, pull in clutch, tap brake, let go of brake, release clutch, land...... i tried the brake tap this past weekend on a 25 foot double at my friends house, i couldnt work up the nerve to grab the clutch in the air so i decided i would just do a little brake tap to see what its like without the clutch. it works and everything and feels pretty cool, the engine ALMOST died completely though but i still made it out alive. it was pretty cool :)

Pull the clutch or you may be in for a world of hurt. These big thumpers don't bump-start like the 2-smokes when you land if you happen to kill the engine. A slight pull on the front brake gives the same results, but be careful when you land.

clutch clutch clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!

the reason the rear brake tap works is by SLAMMING the rear wheel to a STOP, and transfering it's momentum/inertia to the frame of the motorcycle, causing a downward rotaion. If you tap the brake without clutch you really risk stalling it, and you will hurt on your 426 when you hit. It hurts on my 520, and I have auto decompression, so mine fires up as soon as I hit. You won't re-fire 90% of the time - and you better have a 'nad-pad'.

Front brake tap works fine. I did that before I learned the rear the rear tap takes concentration and coordination at first. I still, on a few emergencies, have grabbed the front brake, and saved myself from a loop-out. It hurts a little bit when you land, but if you lend fairly straight wheeled, it won't be a big deal unless the ground is soft. Infact, if you watched Carmichael's loop-out a few weeks ago, I believe he goes for the front brake for that very reason. He was off the pegs, and had no chance of hitting the rear.

I'm w/the clutch pull majority here, if you stall in the air though, click up to a higher gear and have the clutch pulled on upon landing...lean way back on the bike to counter the lunge forward and then sit down hard..she should fire right back up..this has happened to me and it worked out fine..gotta think quick practice, practice!

Well I agree with the tap the rear brake, majority of the time you will only hit it long enuf to get the front wheel down then let off and the wheel should still be spinning, now I agree if the motor stalls it could get ugly but I have landed before with the motor stalled (at least I think it was) and it did start back up. But I am going over 40 to 80ft jumps when I do this. I imagine if you are going slower on say a 20-30ft jump then it might kick you over the bars. Just my 2cents. Frank

I just go WFO close my eyes and hope I land on both wheels........ :)

Now that I mastered the Jump on me daughters xr70, I plan to try the 426 :D

If you don't use the clutch, YOU WILL DIE! :)

lol, dont scare em

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