Piranha 140cc with no oil cooler ok?

Im building a trials bike with a Piranha 140cc can i run it with no oil cooler? It will be running at idle most of the time just crawling over rocks so it wont be running hard, but wont have any air running over it either.

why would u not use the oil cooler? 

I'm no expert but i would say i should just run fine, these engines where designed as just air cooled engines.

all those external oil coolers came later at least for pitbike engines, my own idea is that they are probably more efficient on a open road where you have a higher speed for a longer time than on the track.

and you got a higher risk of failure when you fall and snap a oil line.

i think there are several threads here on thumpertalk and planetminis.com about the difference in running with and without a external oil cooler.

the only bike i run at the moment without a external oil cooler is also the bike i use on wet roads.

just my 2cent's, if i'm saying crap please let someone correct me;)

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