Will 1997 yz125 forks mount in the stock clamps of my 1996 yz125

I have a 1996 yz125 with bad forks and found a set of 1997 forks on ebay with new seals for a good deal and want to know if they'll bolt up, they're not exactly the same forks but don't know any specifics.

Yes, they should as they are the KYB 46mm. But, why not just rebuild your forks? WAY CHEAPER!

And very easy.

Shoot, if you are in SoCal and near me 92676 Orange County, I'll help you out in my shop. Be the 10th before I get back. 

I have a set of 03's to rebuild and will do  a work along with you. Even my daughter can do them. 

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They use the same triple clamps - same front wheel - only difference i see is internal

will the brake mount up

Same caliper same brake disc

is $240 including shipping a good deal for a set of 1997 forks with new seals and oil? Or should I go for the craigslist 96 forks that are 100, but will probably need seals in the future?

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