2001 xr650l Intake boot?

The rubber boot on my carb slides over the rubber boot that is bolted to the engine. 

My question is did all 650l's come with this 2 piece intake or is mine aftermarket or could the rubbers have seperated?

I have never seen a 2 piece intake on any other bike.

The 2 piece setup I have now causes a major airleak and must be siliconed together in order to run.



Post a photo.

Does it look like this?


It looks similar, except mine is 2 pieces that slide over one another.

I will try to get a picture tomorrow afternoon. 

The stock intake should not be two piece. 

I'm guessing you've got an aftermarket carb and it sounds like some interesting adapting took place.  Anxiously awaiting the pictures!

Ok, Here are some pics.

I believe the carb is stock. The mating surfaces look a little rough with the silicon, but we're nice and smooth before. 

Has anyone see an intake do this?






You need to buy a new one.  That one can't be saved.

Thanks for the input, I didn't think it would be a two piece design. 

I guess the manufacturing process mates a hard to soft rubber and it finally seperated.

I will be buying a new one.

good thing it didn`t run long and lean......engine damage has happened due to leaks there..



I just recently got the bike. It has been sitting up awhile.

It wouldn't even idle on full choke without the silicon.

With the silicon it will idle well on choke, but starts poppin off choke. May still be a little air leak.

However the pilot is a 50 which seems a little small for the Southeast at sea level. The engine is also getting hot pretty quickly at idle.

Anyone in the southeast know the jets they are running? It also has an xrs only pipe and looks like a k and n filter.

I am going to order the intake and would like to order an assortment of jets at the same time.

Get the O-ring that goes under the manifold too. Try 55/158 jets.

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