Edelbrock Qwiksilver throttle cables

Hi I got my Edelbrock Qwiksilver working properly (accel pump issues due to a bad gasket was the main issue) only to find that  my the pull cable is frayed at the throttle end  & seeing as they are hard to come by i tried "jerry rigging"a cable from the old part. but the cable was too short after cutting the .5 inch of frayed part out so i had to install the OEM carb for now without getting to try my repairs.  Anyways i have looked high and low for a new cable and the only place that i have found is Motion pro who can custom make one  but they want approx $150 CAD shipped and its a bit steep for a couple of cables so  I wanted to see if there are still any floating around    that i may have missed .The PN for the Replacement Cable set  is #9331 and the pull cable i need  is marked MP 07-145 28.

Get it made. Don't know where you live but go to an industrial area and ask around. Even a bicycle shop could make you a cable. Just measure 3 times to make sure you're giving the right measurements/length.
This is what Motion Pro is doing except they're on the top of the food chain. Go to a small engine repair shop like with chainsaws and weed wackers and just ask them. If they don't do it, they might know.

Second that - i just had my set reworked longer for my raised bars. it was about £50 for both cables

Motion pro actually made the original cables for the  Qwiksilver and they still have the template but none in stock so they have to "custom make" them, Sourcing a cable  to be made locally is prob out of the question as i live in the boonies and have to order everything online.  I actually did make my own cable  and it worked except the throttle won't fully return even with the return  spring wound tighter , the problem seems to be that the new cable I made which is the the same diameter wire as the original isn't as flexible as the original In turn  the lack of flexibility is creating enough resistance so that the throttle will not close on its own partially because the throttle return  spring is too wimpy (compared to the OEm carb  return spring). I did test the carb without the cables and it returns to fully closed normally and nothing is binding I even  installed just the pull cable to make sure it was a cable issue and the carb did not return..  thanks for the tips. if i could find a wire that has the same flexibility as the original im confident i could make a working cable. otherwise I could try to find a heavier spring for the carb return and use the one i made.

I have looked at those cables but i cant be sure that  its as flexible as the original i did buy one similar to the link  but its not  as flexible as the original either . I have been in contact with an Edelbrock tech that has some old stock left and he may have what I need, so if it doesn't cost a fortune  to get it to me ill be in luck.

yeah i know that tech - i got an accel pump assembley off him



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