450 cam mod- the conclusion

Today is a beautiful Easter Sunday in north Idaho, so I decided to roll the bike out, clean the carb, and give the 450 cam mod a final assessment. All I can say is... WOW! This makes the 426 a completely different bike! Low end power is unreal, I could pull 3rd gear wheelies like nobody's business! The power is smoother, but pull forever... and ever... and ever :) I could not be happier with this mod, dollar for dollar it is the best thing I've done to my bike. On Tuesday I'm taking it down to the dealer, who was convinced the 450 cam would not work in my bike, to show them what it's all about :D

Good to hear. Wish I would have known about that mod when I bought mine. Would have done that instead of the Hot Cams. Oh well. It is amazing what some of these dealers say can't be done or are completely unaware of. I actually had a parts guy tell the other day that he had never heard of anyone changing the needle in their carb and didn't know why anyone would want too. It was at this point I decided futher and future conversation would not be happening.

my dealer told me the 03 cam wouldnt work in my bike either!..these dealers need to get with the program...

I couldn't agree more. The cam gave made my bike a stronger bottom end and a power curve that pulls all the way to the top. :)

A big thanks goes out the those who were willing to do the mod to there bikes for the sake of "LETS FIND OUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I THROW THE 03 CAM IN HERE" :D

As for the dealers... :D:D

I love my 01-YZ 426/450 :D


That's good to hear Cowboy! Another satisfied customer.

I can't wait to get mine finished. I got the new cam in this weekend and checked the valve clearance. The new shims are here and I'll be finishing up tonight! :):D

Would have done that instead of the Hot Cams. Oh well.

Do you like your Hot Cam set up? I have everything in the box ready for bolt on and go. I really haven't heard much report on ride. I can tell you one thing $ is high but knowing it's all lined up is key for me. Although I was suprised to see a spring on the ex-cam, hope that doesn't break and blow the motor. I spent the $ so I'll give you the lowdown on the ride as soon as it's done were off to the track with 2 of the same bikes. One stock 01'426(friend) and one with Hot Cams, JD jet kit, and BK mod(me).

For all of the doubting dealers, send the to North County Yamaha's website. It has a feature showing the cam works and what parts to buy! If that isnt convincing enough. They are probably only one of the largest Yammie parts distributors in the nation!

I just wanted to ad in my 2 cents as to what a difference it makes.i used the wr450 cam but after getting the thing timed right an installing a new plug it starts first kick :)

I think anyone still on the fence should just use the next rainy day an install it. keep your old shims if need be so you can install your old cam if you don't like it but you will or you should think about getting a mountain bike :D

Can you post a link on here to NCY's cam mod page? I looked on the site and couldn't find it...

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