XC-F not on KTM’s website?

Is it me or are all the XC-F models not on the site.  Maybe I’ve missed them somehow.  I see a few 2018’s for sale but no info on KTM’s site.


Do the XC-F’s have the funky mapping issues that the plated bikes now have?  I’m guessing the race bikes don’t have that issue, no?



I just got a 2018 350xc-f ...rode it the first time this weekend and it ran perfect.

Yeah, I know they exist, I just thought it was odd that I didn’t see any info on their site about them.

I happened to notice the XC-F's missing yesterday too. Normally I wouldn't read too much into it, but then again I did buy a 2018 250 XC-F and the three prior KTMS I've bought all ended up being last production year models... I may have single handedly killed the XC-F line up. LOL.

Mapping is not an issue on the XC-F that I have seen, and unlike the EXC-F ECU it is not locked. 

Go to the KTM website and click on the globe icon and choose "United States".  If you go to KTM.com it defautls to a page that does not contain all models specific to the U.S. market.  The U.S. site only has the 350xcf and 450xcf model listed.  



CycleTrader have all listed in stock across the U.S.








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1 hour ago, R1peacock said:

There it is!  Cool, thank you!

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