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Trials Crosstraining

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6 hours ago, Survivor said:

1) Would a 2018 Beta Evo 200 be  quite good to ride in the single trails with a seat and larger fuel tank (Level would be: Novice to intermediate single trails)?

2) Would the OEM Trial's tire be good enough for trail riding or knobby is a must at the very beginning of this experience or if I should try with the OEM Trial's tire to see how they react. Mostly rocky trails with roots.

IMHO, nope. I have a 2018 Beta Evo 200, its a great trials bike. Could you ride trails with it? of course, would it be "good" at it, not a prayer. Its a trials bike, it has a trials bike suspension. a couple of inches with nearly zero dampening. If you ride any sort of rocks or roots with any speed, you will beat it to death. 

OEM trials tires are great, amazing traction. Of course, we ride at about 5 PSI. They do not like speed. They will overheat if ridden at fire trail speeds. I would not ride on them over 30 MPH or so, trials riders never go that fast even in transits between sections.

If you want to ride trials events or even just to learn to be a better rider, get a trials bike. If you want  a cross trainer, get something like a Beta XTrainer.

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started riding trials in 1967 on a bultaco Lobito at 15. was one of the first Sacramento  calif. p.i.t.s. members. if you want to really learn to ride a motorcycle --- ride trials. you cannot believe the riding ability it gives you. I ride a beta x trainer as my main all day trail bike---a Ktm 400 exc for long distance rides---and a sherco x ride , the closest thing to a trials bike. the sherco is my main play bike. I can entertain myself for hours up behind my house ( I live in a very rural area ) at walking speed. here is a great way we used to learn to keep our --feet up--. start your bike-warm it up-sit on it-lean up against something-have your buddies duct tape your feet to the foot pegs-pull in the clutch-have same buddy click it into gear-and away you go-its amazing how you learn to let the bike do its thing. it does show you how far you can go . of coarse it did suck when you finally found that point of no return. it was the sixties, maybe we were smokin to much ? seemed like a top notch idea at the time.  I still love riding , and trials for sure makes it all an automatic reaction for your- balance-throttle-braking-body English-everything that makes a fluid ride. careful though-its amazing how you can destroy a motorcycle at such slow speed.         bob

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