1984 Honda XR200 won’t start

Hey all, I just recently bought a 1984 Honda xr200 for cheap and I fixed slide varnish missing parts etc. but about 5 days after I got it running it wouldn’t start. 20+ kicks nothin. I got carb kit and cleaned gas tank of any rust. Still won’t run. It was running a bit rich when it was starting and would bog down at about half throttle. Any help appreciated. Thanks😁

Keep it simple...  spark or fuel... most likely.  

Pull the plug, kick and see if you get a spark.

Fuel getting to the bowl at least?  Plug damp/wet?  Can you use a little carb cleaner (or similar) into the engine to get it to fire?

In my exp, fwiw, if you had to 1) clean varnish, 2) clean carb (and jets??) and 3 tank had ANY rust in it... then you've probably got a clogged up pilot jet... again.  They will clog with ANYTHING.  Microscopic rust particle, bit o varnish, dirt or junk or any kind.  It's not uncommon to have to clean things that were dirty, rusty or varnished multiple times.  Fyi.


Let us know what you find ;) 

I’ve got spark and fuel and I got a carb kit, clean pilot jet. What can I put into the engine to see if fires? Thanks

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