Bar bend questions

Need a new set of bars and one of the things I’m looking for appears to be one of the things not measured or advertised. 


I want a bar bar with as little sweep as possible, which is measured.. but I’m also trying to find a bar that the ends are flatter and not so pointed up. As in when looking at them from the front or rear level to the eye, the control area is more parallel to the ground. 


Does such a thing exist?


You mean like this?

renthal specs.jpg

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What about this bend, looks pretty flat/straight.


renthal 2.jpg

Pro Taper's  'Factory Suzuki / KTM Stock' bend is often the bar advertised with the least amount of pull back.

I run them on my YZ and find it quite ergonomic (forces your elbows up and out) versus the stock YZ bend.


Sizing charts below, first Pro-Taper followed by Renthal



Renthal bar bends.jpg

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Go the factory KTM bend. Absolutely spot on. Grab the Neken brand too, bent more protapper fatties than Neken.

After getting tired of destroying bark busters every couple of rides I decided to go with Highway Dirt Bike hand guards, heavy but supposed to be indestructible.

After talking with their customer support they said their product works best with flat / straight bars and they recommended the factory KTM bend first and then the RM bend second.

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