2015 KX450F

I recently purchased a 2015 KX450F from a local deal who got the bike from an auction. I'm trying to decide how good of a deal I got. It was registered in Oregon for trails in the year 2017. With it being used as a trail bike, I can only find one scratch on the entire thing. There is no visible wear marks on the frame or clutch cover or anywhere for that matter. I'm almost willing to bet the bike has its original front and rear sprocket/chain and maybe even original tires. It has a Bridgestone motocross M404 tire on the back. I know someone could swap plastics, sprockets and tires, and wrap the team to prevent rub marks. But what is the likelyhook someone did that to my bike? Here's some pictures to see if you guys see anything. Nice and pleasant comments are welcome. Btw, I paid $4500 for this bike. Thanks guys.0108181816c.jpg0108181816a.jpg0108181816b.jpg0108181816.jpg

just check the date of the tires... should be 14 or 15 last 2 digits..

and you can say..no scratches or rub marks , no hours..


that left radiator does not look stock to me. Other then that that thing looks clean

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