XR200 sprocket cover

I have a 1987 xr200 that is in need of sprocket cover.   Would the cover from other cc bikes work?  Where can I find a cover?

All of the XR185/200 and some of the ATC185/200 use a sprocket cover but they seem to vary a bit from year to year because of changes in the alternator cover. I don't run a cover so my memory isn't so fresh on them.

86-88 is the same cover
90-02 the same.

Both of the above should fit because the alternator covers are the same, I think one is metal and the other is plastic.

Earlier covers are slightly different because of different alternator covers.


I found this site which displays the part number as 11361-KT0-010 for a 1987.  This part appears to be a stamped part.  https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/1987/xr200r-a/left-crankcase-cover  This part is not available.

The same site shows the part number is 11360-KT0-830 for a 1990.  It displays the same image in the picture below.

There also is a cast part that I've seen on ebay and thumpertalk that is reproduced in England.

It is confusing to know what part to get. 

Also is it safe to run with out the cover?




There are two XR200R C/S covers.  The early style 81 - 83,.............and the later style 86 - 02.  In the later style there are different part numbers because of color. For a 87 XR200R you want the later style of course.  I myself like to run the cover as do most and would recommend running it.

Old School Al

would this part fit a 87 XR 200?



You need one like the one in the parts break down pic.............

Old School Al

That cast metal one doesn't look right. No harm in running without one unless you break a chain. I cut away most of my cover to leave only the forward crescent shaped portion. 


I ordered this part number 11360-KT0-830 which I think is plastic?   If it is plastic I think I may use it as a template to make a metal part.  I ave some thick scrap metal sheets that I could weld into a sprocket cover.


Why did honda use both a plastic and metal part?

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