Hard to Start TPI (AUS)

Hey Guys


Have just put 6 hours on the 300TPI and from new, it takes a few (3 or so) 3 second hits of the starter button with the choke out to get going. Choke in or out doesnt change the results and this is after riding it the day before and in the middle of the Aussie summer so pretty sure its not ice cold.

I just had KTM do the warranty service and have called them today to say I'm not happy with it and will drop it back in for them.

Maybe they can release different maps but is this something that everyone is seeing or is this isolated to my bike, or is there some secret that i dont know

Any help would be appreciated 



Make sure idle is set correctly. Air filter not over oiled. And check spark plug. Mine was fouled.

There is a couple of maps available - standard deristricted map and the sports map.

Is this not a standard issue with the TPI's?  I keep reading about this... apparently cold starting is almost impossible?  Wonder what could be the cause?

Mines fine, 5hrs no choke and starts easily.

I too have read a few with issues starting.

Ill be getting the dealer to upload the sports map next week.


dropped it back at sop today and they just got notification of another new map to help with the cold start so fingers crossed it should be better

I own the Husky version...

I was having issues with cold start as well. I was using the e-start and cold-start as the manual instructed. Bogus.

I leave the cold-start alone...crack the throttle slightly and kick-start and it works much better. 3-4 kicks and its good to go.

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