yz250f Valve seats

Has anyone replaced their own valve seats? and does anyone have a close up of a head with the seat removed to see how it should look? and please don't say take it to shop because there is no local ones and i don't want to ship it.

Replacing the seat is probably doable if you know what your doing, but how you gonna cut the seat

Modern MX 4 stroke heads are beyond the capability and resources of the average mechanic. Even if you take it to a dealer they will send it off to a specialist. I suggest you call Fastheads, Ape, Advantage Cycles, or fellow TT member Meyers Racing to get quotes to properly repair the head.



Are you replacing it due to damage ? Better off buying a good second hand head off ebay and having it shipped to your door. 

There are usually ways to fix things without the correct tools, but replacing a valve seat is not one of them unfortunately. 

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