Exhaust cage

Juss thought id share this with anyone who might want to do somthing simular. Where i live/ride is very rocky,steep and coverd in trees, anytime you put the bike down in the trails it bends or dents the header so i came up with this. Idk if anyone else has these problems where they ride but if u do heres a solution lol. 






pretty much like the pickles cage for 2 smokers


Yeah thats kinda where i got the idea from


Good job brother

Thanks 👍🏽

Very nice! I need one!

Finally got some time to test out the cage. Took a few rides the last few days and im pleased to say i dropped the bike a few times on some big rocky hills and the cage did its job, not only that but i did not contact the cage with my boots, shins or knees which is even better news because the last cage i made would always rub on my boots! Very happy with this design!


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