Old vid I found on YouTube from 5 years ago was 35yo, Broometioga was a pro national track. im not the one with helmet cam on im one in front of him that wins. Was my return after broken hand and wrist set me back couple years . District let me go back to B class. Was having front brake issues turned out to be cheap pads. They watered right before this Moto so wasn't doing couple of the sketchy jumps.  Enjoy 😀🏁 im to the left of guy with cam at start. 367 yz250


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Huh, the GoPro's work a lot better these days.   Good riding! 

2 minutes ago, Slicing-Air said:

Huh, the GoPro's work a lot better these days.   Good riding! 

Ya who knows how old one he had was either . Thanks 👍

Pretty sure him and I were only Twostokes out there too

Crummy track.

12 minutes ago, YHGEORGE said:

Crummy track.

Ya nothing like use to be since pro national left in '06. Actually raced there back in sept was better. They added topsoil and wood Chis last few years.  But all the big jumps are gone cause the weines complain to much. That wasn't even the whole track but upstate NY man there's rocks at every track even unadilla 

Oh  Wiesco crank in that bike 😀 I changed them Alot tho keep fresh . crank bearings and seals like to change Atleast once a season.  Figured out the Wiesco kit was so cheap was no brainer for me i have spares incase one blew on Saturday id be ready sunday.  Been there before.  Better that tranny problems lol that always cost more 

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