2008 or 2009 CRF250R

I am looking at both of these bikes and have done some research on both models.  But what I'd really like to know, which one would be better based off your experiences with these year models.  Both have been maintained very well and are at the same price point.  So, any opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

From the few reviews I just Googled, apart from a tad more low end power there doesn't seem 

to be many things updated on the '09 from the previous model year.


Both are 9-10 years old by now, apart from the engine that usually gets all the attention

the chassis and suspension may be starting to show it's age and due for a refurb.


Rather than model year, the one that's in best condition and best maintained is always preferred.

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  You could just about flip a coin. Get the one with the fewest hours. Or the one with the oldest owner. Older riders tend to take better care of their bikes (generally/usually) and not flog them as hard.

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