Scott’s Customer Service

I have to give credit to Scott’s Performance customer service.  I just bought a Scott’s bolt-on tower so I could move my steering damper from my old bike to the new one.  It mounted up just fine, but the mounting pinch bolt area hit a bracket that holds the odometer, among other things.  The instructions said there may be interference on some models, and to use the included spacers to remedy this.  My tower didn’t have any spacers included.  A call to Scott’s revealed the spacers are included in the complete damper kit, but you need to let them know if you need them when just buying the tower.  They gave me the specs on the bolts and spacers (so I could mount and use it this weekend) and  offered to send out the bolt and spacer kit.  I made the call in the afternoon on Friday and received the kit on Monday.  Great customer service from a company that produces quality products.  

They're fine and I use their products.  They argued with me about a long damper arm which I said I didn't need but they said I did.  I said OK and ended up sending it back $12 postage, which could have been avoided if they had listened to me.  That's my only gripe.  Their products are top notch.

I had a minor issue with a damper of theirs some years ago. Their customer service absolutely showed interest and concern and gave me several options for rectifying the issue. For sure good people/company.

I don't own any Scotts products, but just from what I've seen on here and how they reply to issues on this forum I can tell they're a top notch company.

Saying Scott’s has good customer service is like saying winning the Lotto is a good payday. I have never dealt with a better company in the moto world. I got one second hand and when I needed parts to refurbish it they treated me like I was ordering a thousand units. Lifelong customer.

I'll echo that. Put their damper on my bike last summer and because of my setup (bar risers, larger Acerbis tank, etc) there were some minor fitment issues. The rep I was dealing with was heading out on vacation and he literally gave me his personal cell number and told me to call him if I needed any help getting it mounted. I of course told him there's no way I'd call his cell during his vacation but that also made me a lifelong customer.

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