Sell 3 Bikes for an '18

Good evening Thumpers,

I'm dealing with a hard decision for the future of my riding...

at the moment i own :

-'05 YZ250f with 0,2 hours on the engine ( took it kompletely apart,freh piston and zylinder,  went through everything)

-'09 YZ250f  in decent condition (ridden about 100 hours) 

-'09 YZ450f , bought with 9 hours on it , now at about 75 hours. Runs like a champ , quiet and cultivated, suspension setup for my weight and Skill, looks bearly new (my only track bike)


I'm thinking of selling these Bikes and get an '18 YZ450f  when the '19 YZ450f is awailable here in germany so the prices drop.


On Tracks i've been only ridden my 450 and been very happy with the old '09

I'm a litte afraight to don't be able to handle the power of the '18 Yz450f.

is there anyone who can help me finding a dicision ? 

thank you.20160122_113606.jpg.dee0d64cb2375f38d34ade2e077dc4fd.jpg



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The power is not that different than that of the 06-09. The power to me is Smoother and there is just alot more of it. You def pull the front wheel on turns depending on your body position, but with the new tuner app you can tune the power to your liking and pull power if need be.  I wouldn't be afraid of the power on the new bike. 

I 2nd the power not being an issue but I don't know if I would sell 3 to get 1 as you might have buyers remorse . It is a better bike than the 09 but mostly because of fi but it's heavier too . The 09 450 is one of my favorite bikes ever (17 350sxf is my fav) and I've had a ton, currently have 16 450 now with big $ Enzo susp. I've ridden a couple of new 18s and they are nice .  

I switched from an 09 to a 17 and the power per se was not an issue. Throttle response at low RPMs, instead, was a bit too much for my riding, so I tamed my engine down with the Power Tuner (linear torque / hardpack map from Yamaha) and now it feels very similar to the 09. 

Truth to be told, I'm not any faster on the 17: in my case, the rider is by far the limiting factor.



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