03 Baja

Hey guys I just picked up an 03 Baja 250, if I didn’t pay $100 for it I wouldn’t of even bothered. The good, everything works lights, blinkers, starter, brakes cool looking little bike. Needed throttle cable so I put one on it, greased the handle, ripped the carb off dipped it cleaned it up got it all back together, apparently the seat needs replaced trickles out the overflow. The needle is in the middle I was going to bend the the float tab but pulling the carb is kinda a pain. It acts like it’s on 1/4 throttle running clearly lean, within 30-40 seconds the pipe from the head to about mid is glowing red I can take the idle adjustment completely out and won’t make a difference the air/fuel is about 1 1/4 out. I was going to just put a pwk28 on it that I had for my blaster but would need rejetting surely and an manifold adapter

What I’m asking is do you think the bad seat would make the high idle? No adjustments seems to make a difference on the idle/glowing exhaust. The o rings were good I think I rose the needle up one from where it was originally, middle now. there’s throttle response so it’s not the slide. Checked to make sure it wasn’t open. The air box is on.The floats were good the seat even looked good but won’t stop overflowing. I imagine most of the glowing is heat from it revving at half throttle and no airflow. Seems to have an aftermarket pipe on its “rideable” if you’re drag racing lol. 

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