1993 KLR250 Temp Sensor broke

Hi - have a 1993 KLR250 that I'm trying to get running for a friend. The previous owner had attempted to remove the temperature sensor from the head (next to the spark plug) for some reason. He broke the brass threads off the sensor and the sensor hole appears to not have any threads left in it. 

Is it possible that the brass sensor broke and left its threads in the hole? Did the threads get stripped out completely from the hole? Basically, the temp sensor threads are buggered up in the head.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Pick is of the part I'm referencing #92066

KLR Head.gif

If you find out the part where the sensor is screwed into is stripped, id get a helicoil kit and use those.

pics would help

I'll get a pick posted shortly

It would be odd that the soft brass took the threads out of the head, most likely the brass is filling the threads. If you can find a tap that size I would run it in a few times and see what you have got. Then you are going to have to flush the coolant a couple of times.

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