OEM Suzuki or aftermarket pistons?

I'm gonna need to do a top end soon on my 97 RM250 to get it ready for the season, any suggestions on using OEM Suzuki or aftermarket piston kits? I don't know if the OEM stuff from zuki is any good.:banghead:

The better question is? Do you want a cast piston (OEM) or do you want a forged piston?  I use only forged in my bikes.  If you choose a forged piston, always make sure your bike temp is warm before you start hammering it on the track or trails.  Forged pistons need more warm up time before they get to operating temperature.  If not, you take a chance on cold seize if the piston to cylinder wall is set up on a tight tolerance.  Just my 45 years of being punished by these bikes, opinion.

I personally have used Wiseco pistons for years, never had a problem and highly recommend them.

Beyond that last fall Millennium big bored my '99 RM250 (295) and supplied it with a Wossner, so far so good!

In 98, the RM125 had an issue with the OEM's ring locating pin coming loose, I tore up a cylinder. Wiseco from then on, never a problem.

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