Kayak 125cc Chinese bike. Troubles

I recently bought a 2015 kayak 125cc dirtbike. It needs a new Piston ring. I can't find a Piston ring that's specificly for it. I was thinking about just getting a big bore for it with a new Piston and everything. But don't know what would match it. Please help

No offense but that's part of the reason why we don't buy Chinese bikes. I hope you find a solution for your issue. Can't you buy that whole bike for $260? Find someone who destroyed the frame or something and buy it as a parts bike and swap parts.

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In order for you to get the right parts the first time, you'll need to take your engine apart and measure the bore of the cylinder and the diameter of the wrist pin, for starters. Some 125cc engines have a 52.4mm bore, others are 54mm. There are also two different sized wrist pins: 13 and 14mm. You also need to know the deck height of the piston, as there are a few different connecting rod lengths, making for different strokes.


Dude. A new top end for these things are like 35$ on eBay. It comes with a new piston, rings, wrist pin, and brand new cylinder. And most of them come with new head gasket and top end gaskets

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