2002 plastics - attn: 2002 426 owners.

I have a friend who seems to think that the bike that was sold to me from a dealer as a 2002 is actually a 2001. I have checked the VIN with a lookup service like carfax and it shows as a 2002. He works at a bike shop and said that the 2002 426's have the new rounded rear fender, my bike has the squared off fender. Who do you think is correct? And are there any other signs to look for to differentiate a 2002 bike from a 2001?

The 2002 2-smokes have all new plastic. The 426's look identical in terms of plastic from 2000-2002. Gosh, it might be the same all the way back to the 400F's. Anyway, if the VIN shows 2002 then believe it!

Correct !!

Im looking at the yz/wr 2002 Catalog right now (just to be sure). I also just bought a 02' and it still has the square end just like the 01'. Your friend is thinkin about the 02' yz250's.

When in doubt rely on the VIN

That pointy rear fender on the two strokes is to send "bad chi" to the passing riders! Beware O the "bad chi" :)

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