Montana... where is the dirt?

I'm sick of riding in the snow. Just wondering where in the state we don't have snow?

anyone in the billings area know how Shepard Ah Nei is looking?

Or if anyone else knows somewhere to head let me know

The track in Great Falls was clear over the weekend, and I know guys who have been riding at the Rockpile outside of Cascade.  Probably not going to be the case now as it should be snowing.

I went to California last weekend to ride.  Heading down to Idaho (American Falls) to ride this weekend as it looks like they should be in the high 40s/low 50s for temps.

thanks for the info i have not rode rockpile i might need to go check that out.

This storm moving in looks like it id going to get just about all of the state so I'm sure that will set thinks back

Im going to head to pipestone tomorrow. Looks like mostly dirt from the tracks down, Im hoping it won't be to crazy muddy.

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