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I have a Husqvarna 2016 FE501 with 110 hours on it. I’ve had it since new and changed the oil every 10 hours. In the book it calls for a new piston, timing chain, valves, valve springs, all engine bearings at 135 hours. What is actually necessary to change and at what hour mark? How long are most guys going on a top end? I don’t race, I ride everything from Street to tight technical single track in the woods or desert. I was thinking about doing the top end work at 200 hours. Is this too long on the original piston? Any other work I should do right now at the 110 hour mark? 


I'll have to let you know, as I have 700 hours, and there are others with even more, but really depends on how good you did with keeping dirt out of the motor. But I say 300 hours easy otherwise.  Original motor, even clutch dampers.

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The only way to know for sure is to tear down the motor and measure the service limits. Then you will know the 'percentage' of wear you have and you can guage that against hours of use and the need for service.

Once the rings get past the 50% service limit, you will start to experience oil coming out the top breather tube. You can put in a catch can to monitor this, and know your wear condition.

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